Live free of fear - with hypnosis


Fears and insecurities are a natural  mechanism that seek to protect us and makes us capable of reacting accordingly in dangerous situations. Protection and survival functions have the highest priority and takes precedence over most other functions in our body.

Fears and insecurities that develop in an uncontrolled manner can lead to limitations in everyday life. Fear of flying e.g. can keep us from traveling freely.


At that point our fear or uncertainty no longer protect us but becomes a threat. The physical symptoms are no longer controllable and can be perceived by others: We turn red, start to sweat, breathe rapidly and shallow, our head starts spinning, we can no longer concentrate and possibly begin to stutter. Often trivialities or the "fear of fear" can cause the next anxiety or panic attack. People who have made these experiences, feels increasingly insecure, incompetent and helpless.

Hypnosis can support you in escaping this vicious circle!


With hypnosis you can change your judgment of past experiences on a suboncscious level thus increasing the threshold for anxiety attacks significantly.


During the hypnosis session I accompany you in situations beyond fear or uncertainty. You can experience how an initially fearful situation feels when one is completely calm and relaxed.

You can feel free at last.


After a hypnosis session your emotional evaluation model has changed. In the future you are able to react calmly to previously anxiety-provoking situations.


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