Get your permament make-up & tattos done in a relaxed way - with hypnosis

Hypnosis is the solution for those who are very sensitive to pain and want to get their permanent make-up or tattoos done in a relaxed way!

I offer to accompany you to your session to a cosmetician or in a tattoo studio and make your appointment more relaxed and more unique than it already is.

What is pain?

Basically pain is a feeling like any other: joy, sadness, etc. Only when a physical intervention is evaluated as threatening by our brain, we start feeling pain in the affected area.


Under my guidance you will learn to change your perception of pain in order for certain body parts to feel numb. As a consequence you will feel less to no pain.


Below two pictures of me in which I have altered my perception of pain to the extent that my arm felt as if an anaesthesia was administered:

Your advantages

You will only feel a pressure, you are deeply relaxed and are much less afraid of the appointment. With my suggestions even the sound of the machine will make you relax more. Even people who are extremely sensitive to pain, can finally fulfill their dream of permanent make-up/tattoo on the most sensitive spots. You will no longer feel a constant adrenaline rush resulting in an increased physical well-being during and after the session. Wounds can heal better due to less bleeding and swelling.

Advantages for the cosmetician/tattooist

He/she needs fewer breaks and therefore can complete the permanent make-up/tattoo faster. Lower pulse and blood pressure as well as narrow blood vessels will lead to less bleeding and thus to a cleaner result of the tattoo session. The customer is more relaxed and no longer twitches which has an impact on the quality of the tattoo. The hypnosis during the session is entirely my responsibility.

The right tattooist

First you will need an appointment for your tattoo session with a tattoist who is open-minded towards hypnosis Check this in advance with your tattoist. He or she is free to contact me if he or she has any questions. There are still some tattoists who think a tattoo has to hurt.

Procedure and rate

We will meet about 30 minutes before a session for a preliminary talk and the induction of the hypnosis. A general introduction and explanation of what hypnosis is all about is done in advance by phone or in person.

Preliminary talk / induction of hypnosis

Rate per hour

free of charge

40.00 Euro


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