Weight reduction - Lose weight with hypnosis

Being overweight can lead to a life-long suffering and is often accompanied by desperate attempts to become slim. Have you quickly gained the lost weight after a successful but cumbersome diet? Or have you ended any frustrating attempt to be on a diet after a few days while feeling guilty about it?


The reasons for our behaviour patterns that have led to excessive weight, may lie deep in our subconscious. Body and soul react in their own way. We easily fall into patterns of behaviour that lead to weight gain. This often leads to the development of persistent habits that we cannot handle any longer with just our will or discipline.

Losing weight with hypnosis

Hypnosis is a method for weight loss that is not comparable with diets. Any diet can only bring a short-term effect. If the diet is discontinued, laboriously lost weight is quickly gained again.


A hypnosis treatment for weight loss can only be successful if the hypnotherapist treats all the causes that have led to overweight.
Apart from "eating too much" there can be a number of other factors that differ from person to person.
Only when these "wrong" behaviour patterns are changed, a person can permanently lose weight without suffering.


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